Flashing Saatchi and Such…

After the news that Saatchi and Saatchi has won the contract to sell brand Brown to the people at the next general election (With a “Not flash, just Gordon”-poster in which Gordon has been flipped horizontally without concern for his right-leaning hair (!?)…), the PM welcomed Maggie back into number 10 for talks and tea.

The legendary 1979 Saatchi and Saatchi “Labour isn’t working” poster still has a formidable presence, and it’s not hard to see why other political parties would want to see them do something equally iconic for them. How Saatchi managed to land the Labour job with a pitch saying “Not flash, just Gordon” is somewhat puzzling though. Of course it’s a nice reference to the spin that Gordon is the No Spin Man – a sober, level-headed, careful man.
But the reference to Flash Gordon is strange, isn’t it? Flash Gordon is a hero!

“Not Flash Gordon, just Gordon.”
Hands up those who immediately think: DISAPPOINTED!

It’s like saying:
“Not great, just Gordon.”

Steve Bell has an excellent cartoon in today’s Guardian combining Thatcher’s visit to Downing Street, with the 1979 poster.
Also, see Peter Brookes’ cartoon in The Times.


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