Saturday Cartoons…

Just thought I’d share some cartoons in case you haven’t picked up the papers today.

Dave Brown has done a rather splendid Rouges’ Gallery pastiche with a cheeky reference to the myth that there exist photos of a grown-up Gordon Brown sat on a rocking horse -wearing nothing but a big nappy. The nappy unfortunately doesn’t make an appearance in the cartoon, but the rocking horse does.

As is tradition when the party conference season reaches Blackpool, the tram makes an appearance. This time in Peter Brookes’ cartoon in the Times. Timesonline unfortunately publishes the cartoons too small, so in case you can’t read the text on Cameron’s book, it’s “Richard Dawkins – The Gord Delusion”.

By the way, JAS has a characteristically poignant and stylistic piece in the Daily Telegraph.
Oh and while you’re there, have a chuckle at MATT’s ever-excellent pocket cartoon.


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