Dare Devil Dave’s Speech – a cartoon round-up.

There are some lovely things in the papers today.
Cartoonists watching Cameron yesterday were never going to be bowled over by the opposition leader’s undeniably impressive walk-and-talk effort.

Peter Brookes in the Times puts him down less than gently.

Dave Brown in the Indy brings Gordon into the equation, and as metaphors go – this one might not be far off the mark.

As for sheer ridicule, few does it better than Steve Bell in the Guardian. His witty visual put-down is matched by the words. I guess we must assume the line is supposed to say, ahem, “walking waxwork”

After having pre-empted the leader’s speech in yesterday’s Telegraph, Garland returns to his literary references to comment on the stand-off between Brown and Cameron.
And as always, have a look at Matt’s pocket cartoon while you’re there…

The sketch writers are much more forgiving than the cartoonists. No surprise maybe, but rarely have I read a more respectfull account of a Tory leader’s efforts by all – with at least two making comparisons to Clint Eastwood! Here’s a selection: Quentin Letts, Simon Carr, Simon Hoggart and Ann Treneman The latter mercifully manages to break out of the admiration to poke a little fun.


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