Quite possibly the only exhibition you’ll see this year with promo-material that features no less than 12 pairs of testicles, a mad cow – and and a bull.
But see it you must.

It’s splendidly hosted by The Cartoon Museum in Little Russell Street – and sponsored by among others the EU Commission Represetation in the UK – which undoubtedly makes the whole hairy balls thingy even more amusing. (Then again, due to the rude omission of non-member Norway from the map, the Euro coin until the change recently, had a limp-looking penis as its most prominent feature, so EU officials obviously have a sense of humour of sorts.)

The exhibition shows more than 90 cartoons from a great many of Britain’s leading cartoonists past and present – covering 50 years of this country’s relationship with Europe.
A lot of work has gone into contextualising each and every cartoon, which means it’s actually a rather brilliant way of catching up on recent history if you’re that way inclined.

You’ve got until 20th of January 2008 to see it. In these constitution treaty-times a visit should be mandatory.

Coverage in the Indy.


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