It’s a Friday round-up, oh joy…

Last time I posted a link to Current Super News, I mentioned that their latest work then was, well, not quite up to their usual high standards. Well, forget about the past and have a look at their new latest one! It’s the most superb political animation I’ve seen in long time! Brilliantly animated, edited, written and performed! If you’re at work and unable to watch with sound, I suggest you leave early and head home.

Also if you want cartoons of the animated variety, have a look at Mark Fiore’s new episode of Knuckles.
I read once that Fiore’s philosophy is that you should only do cartoons if you’ve got something to say. Well, as usual he has, and it’s well said too.

Moving on to newspapers, and the usual suspects, Garland’s cartoon in the Telegraph made me laugh this morning. His comedy timing in that piece is pretty impeccable if I may say so.

Peter Brookes in The Times focuses on dirty hospitals and hand-washing politicians. Excellent caricature of Alan Johnson …

Dave Brown in the Indy goes with the same story – and the same basic idea as Peter. By placing Johnson and Brown at the scene though, he arguably manages to put the point across even more forcefully.

Steve Bell in the Guardian uses a different approach to attack the same targets.


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