Lib Dems insist on having an Election… if the PM won’t let them have one, they’ll bloody well organise one themselves!
Ming has kindly resigned so that they can have a leadership election instead.

There’s a very good chance the Liberals will make a better choice than last time, but with Ming’s election fresh in the mind, you can’t help but being worried for them.

Nominations start immediately, and the new leader will be announced on December 17th.
Who might it be?

Simon Hughes has already ruled himself out, thank goodness.
Charles Kennedy? It’d be fun, but no.
Vince Cable? Good on finance, but as leader? Ming 2.
Susan Kramer? Pardon me?
David Laws? Neh…
Ed Davey? My MP?! That’d be too weird.

So we’re left with Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne.
But who to choose?

It’s simple, really.
If a person is easy to draw, he’ll do well.
Because the likelyhood is he’ll have other interesting characteristics too, which will make him appealing to journalists, thus raising the party’s profile in the media. And people watching are more likely to remember him, which is a bonus!

A quick cartoon-test shows that Nick Clegg, probably the favourite in the party at the moment, will lead the party into eternal oblivion, if elected.
He is Mr. Some Bloke embodified – despite the fact that he can speak several languages.

I did a couple of quick sketches, and worringly for him, the best caricature came after I in frustration drew a lifeless mask.
People will see Nick Clegg on TV and wonder whether he’s that guy from marketing whose name they can’t recall – or someone they’ve met at All Bar One.


Chris Huhne on the other hand, is better. Not great, but better. He’s got a prominent crazy eye – a feature that he famously shares with both Maggie and Tony. His mouth is similar to that of a hamster…or a mouse, and remember, those ears will keep growing.


Between Clegg and Huhne, there really is no contest.


3 Responses to “Lib Dems insist on having an Election…”

  1. Matt Buck Says:

    Lovely caricature of Huhne…pussy cat mouth

  2. And another round-up… « poldraw Says:

    […] like his caricature of What’s-his-face Clegg. He obviously had a better crack at it than I did a couple of days ago. I still think he’s problematic though. Not a face cartoonists will approach with any great […]

  3. L Kelsey Says:


    Dont really no what this site is, except i typed in Nick Clegg and cartoon or caricature, and still cant find one, no one has done his face justice, he is such a pathetically week featured scrotum chinned bastard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Good old gerald has’nt even done one!

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