And another round-up…

Two days in a row!

Just thought you might be interested in seeing how the Lib Dem leadership hopefuls are being welcomed into the cartoon section.

Peter Brookes has taken it upon himself to say what we’re all thinking.
I rather like his caricature of What’s-his-face Clegg. He’s obviously had a better crack at it than I had a couple of days ago.
I still think Clegg’s problematic though. Not a face cartoonists will approach with any great enthusiasm…
Or is it? Let me know if it’s just me.

Dave Brown has decided that Chris Huhne was the one who finished off Ming. I suspect you could probably add a small crowd of knife-wielding lib-dems (well, you wouldn’t have a big one, would you), but then again it’s the cartoonist’s prerogative to single out the most appealing target.

On a non-lib-dem subject, Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian sees a return of one of Steve’s favourite characters – the penguin.
In the Telegraph Garland looks at Turkey’s seemingly splendid insanity in wanting to launch attacks in Iraq.
They should listen to George W. Bush:

“There’s a better way to deal with the issue than having the Turks send massive troops into the country.”

I can see a Peace Prize coming his way next year.


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