Some old animation on a Friday…

Almost a year ago now, I posted a clip from the excellent Jove Films collection of Animated Soviet Propaganda, which I’m now a delighted owner of. (The DVD set costs $89 and believe me, it’s worth it)
Following that though, I also got a rather brilliant DVD of old American Oil propaganda, which you can still get a copy of on Ebay for $8.99 (..or next to nothing basically in today’s money).

However, if you’re not the Ebay-stuff-buying type, I’ve found a clip of one of these 50’s corporate delights on YouTube, and it really is worth a watch.
It’s a 1956 film by John Sutherland Productions, made for the Oil Industry Information Commiteee of the American Petroleum Institute.
It takes place on Mars – the red planet – which in this case is a totalitarian state. When one of their explorers travels to earth, he discovers the wonders of Oil. As a result Martians dissidents rise up against their ruler and embrace this superiour product – and the glorious American market economy.
It’s a fabulous piece of work.

This particular version has been edited to a YouTube-friendly lenght, but if it grabs you can also find an un-edited version on YouTube, which has been divided into two parts.


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