Animation Galore…

As animation slowly takes hold among British cartoonists (Expect some new and exciting things very soon, is all I can say – although not from me yet unfortunately), the Americans are in full flow.

Current SuperNews has got a brilliant new cartoon out, which really is worth watching. The “White House Halloween Party” is very funny indeed!

Walt Handelsman, the Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist, has released a few more since I last paid a visit to
There’s for example a rather amusing one on political soundbites called “What they Say, What we Hear”.
Another clever one called “2008 Web Campaigns” about…well…web campaigns by those running for President.
There are others too, so have a look and enjoy.

Also from across the pond, the increasingly prolific Mark Fiore has got a new animation attacking the usual suspects.

Closer to home Neil Hepburn from Beau Bo D’Or is also continuing his animated viral venture. Continuing his love affair with the Lib Dem bird, he’s done a really successful, and strangely profound piece, if I may say so, on the current state of the party. Neil doesn’t spell out his thinking behind it, nor does need to, but he does go some way to explain why he’s taken a somewhat different approach to animation than he usually takes in his pictures:

I know it seems counterintuitive to put up animations or images that make people ponder a bit, considering a lot of virals are essentially quick-fixes (nothing wrong in that), but that’s what I prefer.

It’s an interesting idea, brave even, because it’s not an easy approach. Even less so given the limited tools and time he has at his disposal as a one-man-band doing animations about current affairs. It’ll be very exciting to see more – with or without birds!


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