Cartoon Art Trust awards…

On Thursday the Cartoon Art Trust hosted a terrific dinner/award ceremony/fundraiser at the Mall Gallery in London.

Personally I had the great honour of meeting two giants of the trade for the first time.
Most exciting for me was probably meeting Ralph Steadman, who has been a fantastic inspiration to me and most other cartoonists I know. We had a long conversation before the dinner while being endlessly fed Champagne by a waiter only too keen to please the great master of cartoon art. Ralph’s most notable brainwave of the evening was that there should be more suicide cartoonists, a concept he seemed wholly convinced would do the world no end of good.

Steadman was awarded the CAT lifetime achievement award, which he accepted with a song.
You had to be there, really…

Among all the other talents present, it was also fantastic to meet Jerry Robinson – famously the creator of Batman’s sidekick Robin, and maybe more significantly the Joker. The 85 year old has been in London lately as a consultant during the filming of the latest Batman movie.
Although a Comics giant, he is for most political cartoonists probably better known for his presidency of both The National Cartoonists Society and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists – as well as being the founder of Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate/ CartoonArts International, which represents political and humour artists from all over the world. I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife Gro, who is Norwegian no less.

Jerry presented the award for Strip cartooning, which deservedly went to Steve Bell, for IF.

Other awards winners were:

Jonathan Cusick, from The Times, for Caricature.
I would say “of course”, but so fortunately did the jury.

The excellent Jonathan Pugh, also from The Times, won he award for Pocket Cartooning.

Stanley ‘MAC’ McMurtry MBE from the Daily Mail won the award for Political Cartooning.

Peter ‘PAK’ King from Private Eye and the Spectator won the award for Joke Cartooning.

The Pont Prize, for drawing the British Charater, was won by Posy Simmonds MBE.

The British Cartoonists’ Association Young Cartoonist of the Year Awards went to 14 year old Robert Rattry in the under 18 category. Talented chap.
And James Hood, 26, for the under 30 category.


2 Responses to “Cartoon Art Trust awards…”

  1. Jonathan Cusick Says:

    Hi Morten,

    Thanks for the kind words, here and on Thursday evening. Was truly great to meet and speak to you, both looking so resplendent!

    Here’s hoping there’s a next time.



  2. Daily Facts Says:

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