From the Sketchbook: A yawn…


I’ve just been watching the Lib Dem leadership contenders on Question Time.
Good grief. It was positively painful to watch poor Dimbleby trying to prevent the hour-long program (with 50% Nick Clegg) from causing the nation to fall into a drivel-induced coma.

My plan was to study the two candidates and work on caricatures, but I was so overcome by boredom, all I managed to draw was the yawn above.


5 Responses to “From the Sketchbook: A yawn…”

  1. Matt Says:


  2. poldraw Says:

    I like your charles kennedy smiley, Matt.

  3. Adams Says:

    The worst thing is that Clegg really is a nightmare to get. The dullness. I think he may just have to have a name tag on his suit for the rest of his career.

  4. poldraw Says:

    Hehe…I think you’re probably right, Christian.
    A faceless suit with a name tag, wittering on about connecting people with politics. Let’s just hope he ages badly!
    Congratulations on the Telegraph slot by the way. Doing well there.

  5. Adams Says:

    Cheers Morton. Editor quite fussy, but with hindsight he’s usually right…

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