A little cartoon round-up…

if you haven’t yet seen Steve Bell’s cartoon in the paper this morning, click here.
Steve doesn’t miss a chance to feature his best ever cartoon creation, Major’s pants, and the way things are going for the Government it’s probably not the last time Gordon is drawn sporting the underwear of the last Tory PM.
The visual does it all. Wonderfully humorous drawing. The gag serves simply to underline the pitifulness.

See also:

Peter Brookes, in the Times, who’s had a nice series of Darling-mockery since the downfall began.
Dave Brown, in the Indy, who’s Darling cartoon today perhaps includes as many disaster metaphors as it’s humanly possible to put into a single frame.
Nicholas Garland in the Telegraph, who returns to his old trick of illustrating a quote. It’s a good quote though.
And lastly Paul Thomas, in the Express, who also has a good laugh at the Government’s expense.

By the way, have a look at Beau Bo D’Or’s rather beautifully executed animation on Darling and Northern Rock. Less is more and all that. Very good indeed.


2 Responses to “A little cartoon round-up…”

  1. Adams Says:

    re: Dave Brown. Not quite. I see no sharks, falling pianos, ticking (exploding?) bombs, vultures or indeed, manholes….

  2. poldraw Says:

    Hehe..no you’re absolutely right! It’s not that many at all actually. But desperate all the same!

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