Friday Animation Treat…

Here’s something rather beautiful for you to enjoy on a Friday.  

Chromophobia by Raoul Servais is a stunning film which won a raft of awards after it was first released in 1965 – the most prestigious of which was probably the “Primo Premio” at the 1966 Venice Biennale.  

The story is essentially about an army of identical, angular characters that embark on a campaign against anything that bears colour. It’s rife with symbolism, as you probably gather from the summary of the plot. Still, I’m not going to bore your with an analysis, which is bound to be superfluous at best – mediocre at worst. Just watch and enjoy, and perhaps watch it again. 


4 Responses to “Friday Animation Treat…”

  1. Adams Says:

    If you like that, and haven’t discovered this yet, check Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Cartoon Network, various times. (It’s on normal telly somewhere too) I watch it at midnight (to make my dreams that much more surreal). It’s brilliantly drawn, and constantly amusing. Here’s a quick pic of the animation style:

  2. poldraw Says:

    Thanks for reminding me!
    I remember seeing some designs for Fosters Home a few years back, but I’ve never actually seen the animated thing.

    Do you know which normal telly channel it’s on?

  3. Adams Says:

    You’re missing a treat.
    The only reason I assumed it was on normal morning telly was that my niece knew of it, and she only has a puritanical two channels, at the most.
    I can’t find it in any listings, but shall do some research. (ie ring my niece…)

  4. poldraw Says:

    Hehe, cheers!

    I’d love to watch something that’d make my dreams more surreal!

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