Cartooning and Iran…


This is a fascinating collection of political animated propaganda cartoons from Iranian TV. It’s an interesting insight into how cartoons are used in Iran to spread propaganda, much in the same blatant fashion as it was in for example the Soviet Union and the USA in the past.  

Cartooning is probably not something most people would associate with Iran, but their cartoon tradition goes back as far as the early 1900’s, and it’s still very much alive.It is of course grossly unfair to the majority of Iranian satirists and cartoonists to let the hapless propaganda above represent that great tradition, so for better ambassadors I suggest you go to and   

Anyway, to get an idea of how powerful the rulers of the country have considered the medium to be over the years, you only have to go back to last year when we saw the first cartoon of an Iranian president, published by an Iranian newspaper, for 25 years, after the Culture Ministry (which controls newspapers)finally decided to allow the use of caricatures of the president. (See the cartoon here)

It’s maybe not a surprise that they try to use this power to their own advantage.   


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