Fund Labour – Vote Tory…

It increasingly looks, doesn’t it, like Janet Dunn, the Tory supporting wife of one of Mr Abraham’s employees, might hold the key to future Conservative success.Even though she’s a lifelong Tory supporter she donated no less than £25.000 to Labour in 2003, albeit with a little help from her husbands employer.

Recent events show that a cheap and fool-proof way for the Tories to continue to discredit Labour into electoral oblivion, would be to encourage a range of shady supporters, preferably someone resident in Jersey, to offer great sums of money to greedy cash-strapped Labour campaigners in the hope that a couple of ambitious ones will accept. As the Tories subsequently tip of a newspaper they can sit back and watch Labour fall another 10% in the opinion polls. What’s more, there’s no financial risk to the dodgy donors, as they will have their money paid back.

By the way, while we’re one the subject, this whole anti-feminist agenda among some Labour women is getting a bit tiresome isn’t it? That “oh, I don’t know anything about all that money stuff. My husband takes care of that” -defence, revived by Tessa Jowell in 2006 and more recently adopted by Harriet Harman and to a degree Wendy Alexander. Even for the most hardened traditionalist, that answer must seem less than endearing when coming from bright, well-educated women who’ve spent a small lifetime wrestling sexual stereotypes on their way up the greasy phallic pole of political power.

Update: Labour men use the same argument of course, which means it’s not an issue of feminism at all. So ignore the last paragraph.
Both men and women in Labour have simply got a anti-competence agenda.


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