My iMac and me…

My trusted iMac died on me this morning. No signs of life what so ever.
It was a curious mix of emotions. Terror at the prospect of losing a day’s work at a time when I really have no time to lose… Smugness at the fact that I’d backed up all my essential files (only recently). Annoyance at the prospect of having to fork out for a new machine just before Christmas. Delirium at the prospect of a genuine excuse to buy a new machine just before Christmas.

I took the big beast to the Genius Bar, so they could pronounce it dead for me.
Surrounded by the newer incarnations my once spectacular machine looked old and worn. I was starting to think this was all for the best.

After a quick examination the three-powerbook-using genius behind the bar tells me that it might not be as bad as we all first thought. I freeze in panic thinking that he’ll tell me that I’d forgotten to plug it in or some other dignity-ending stupidity.
Turns out it has a fault with the power supply. A common problem with a certain batch of iMacs, which is relatively easy to sort out.
“Aaah..that’s great.” I say, genuinely relieved – but trying not to sound disappointed.
“If we have the part, someone can replace it for you now.”
“Great!” I say.
“Yup, we seem to have the part”.
“Aaah…that’s great.”

I carried the old iMac out of there again, heaping praise on the staff for their unquestionably superb service.
The machine back on it’s old place, where I earlier in the day had wiped the space clean in anticipation of a new arrival.
No, really, it’s great.
But you know…


3 Responses to “My iMac and me…”

  1. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    After the failure of my last hard drive, I went to a Genius Guinness Bar. I was close to being pronounced as dead as my hard drive at the end of the night.

  2. Stephen Collins Says:

    A very modern mini-tragedy Morten. I honestly do feel your annoyance here. I’ll always remember the day my power mac arrived. Why are they such things of pure, childish material lust? I don’t get like that about anything else. Boo to good customer service!

    Is there a do chez Thunderer do you know? I fear I may not be on the invite list this year, sob

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