Political Cartoon of the Year Awards…

Political Cartoon of the Year Awards.Presented this year by a highly amusing Ken Clarke.

Steve Bell won cartoonist of the year – deservedly so.
Martin Rowson won cartoon of the year – which again undoubtedly was the right decision.

After a long collaboration with the Economist, the awards this year had been moved to the the Guardian’s gallery in Farringdon Road.
When the Economist was hosting it, much was made of the fact that (the in my mind excellent Economist cartoonist) KAL, seemed to pick up rather a disproportionate amount of awards for best cartoon, so when the Guardian cartoonists collected the main two awards in Farringdon Road, well…you could’ve been forgiven for thinking that there were Labour-like activities going on there too.
However, Martin, with characteristic wit, disarmingly made the connection in his acceptance speech, and fortunately for Steve and him and the credibility of the awards, the prizes were thoroughly deserved.

I proudly won the so-called Gillray Goblet – the runner-up prize for best cartoon, and Dave Brown got an honourable mention for his Rouges Gallery work.

A good night was had by most.


3 Responses to “Political Cartoon of the Year Awards…”

  1. Gary Barker Says:

    This was was my first awards and I enjoyed it very much, even though I knew very few people. My entry didn’t win anything, but as a newcomer to the game I never thought I would. I met some very nice people and even had a couple of offers for my competition piece.

  2. Barking on the Beeb… « poldraw Says:

    […] There’s a talented ‘new’ political cartoonist around, as those who attended the Political Cartoon of the Year Awards a week and a bit ago will have […]

  3. polititoon Says:

    I enjoyed your cartoons. I like your style.

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