From the Sketchbook…


A week without posting.
I do apologize.
It’s been a tad hectic.

My first evening off for a while this evening, really. Otherwise full on work from morning until…well the early hours of the next morning. Not good for anyone’s health I’m sure.
Still, a good night off tonight, with the British Cartoonists’ Association’s Christmas dinner. Thoroughly enjoyable as always.

A busy week for politics as well.
Jacqui Smith managed to become the most despised Home Secretary in living memory, by the police at least.
Oh, and she had to admit that as many as 11.000 illegal immigrants had been cleared for UK security jobs.
Oh, and the home affairs select committee kicked her case for 42 days detention of unagreeables into the long grass.
Bless her.

Gordon Brown managed to make yet another PR cock-up of a spinning exercise. This time about the Lisbon Treaty, where he thought he could avoid any focus on his signing of the treaty by being the only European leader not to appear at the official ceremony, and rather play the role as the awkward one who turns up late, requiring an entire little awkward ceremony all of his own.

Ed Balls managed to present the most twaddle-filled 10 year Children’s Plan in the history of Children’s Plans.
“No, it was sweet”, I hear you say?Well, which of these phrases are NOT part of the grand vision for our little ones:
Age not Stage
Rage not Cage
Stage not Page
Stage not Age
Rational Way Strategy
National Play Strategy
National Stay Strategy
Fabulous Clay Strategy
Every Child a Breeder
Every Child a Breather
Every Child a Feeder
Every Child a Reader
Every Child a Leader
Every Child a Needer
Every Child a Bleeder
Every Child a Weeder
Every Child a Kiter
Every Child a Blighter
Every Child a Fighter
Every Child a Plighter
Every Child a Writer
Every Child a Biter

The answer is “fewer than you hoped.”

And that’s just the Government.
…on the domestic front.

David Cameron helpfully announced, with a great deal of admirable foresight that one should beware of the credit crunch.

Vince Cable managed another enjoyable performance at PMQs, making himself an exceedingly hard act to follow for Chris Huhne when he takes office later this month.
Well, surely, they won’t elect that other bloke, will they?

They only thing which is certain, with regards to the Lib Dems, is that Gordon Brown at the next PMQs will do the same leadership joke about the party that he’s done every Wednesday since he himself came to power.

Happy Thursay…and Friday.


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