A bit of Animation News-ish…

I hope you’ve been visiting Matt ‘Hack’ Buck’s blog recently, and seen his latest animations for Channel 4 News Online. I particularly like this one on Peter Hain, published today.

If you’re a regular on Matt’s blog, you might also have seen this bit of Breaking News from the world of American Animated Editorial Cartooning:
The multi award winning Ann Telnaes has become the Washington Post’s first animating political cartoonist.

Some might remember that Ann had a brief spell at Guardian Unlimited last year.
As I mentioned on this blog at the time, I’m a great fan of Ann’s work – whether it’s drawn or animated. I’m still somewhat doubtful as to how effective her use of actual speeches as the basis for her animations can be in the long term though.
Then again, these days politics is so much about sound bites, you never know…Maybe she’s got it exactly right!

Anyway, as usual let me finish by leading you in the direction of the latest cartoon from Mark Fiore – Surgetopia.


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