The Indy Improved…

I’ve just spotted the new-look Indy online.
At first glance it seems to be a hugely improved design.
I guess it’s doubtful whether spending the money on packaging rather than journalists will do much to improve the quality of the output, but never mind that just now…

The Indy has some strong points.
Dave Brown is one of them, and it’s very encouraging to see that designers have finally done something about the presentation of his work online.

It used to be the case that only the most recent cartoon would be easily available for readers to enjoy.
With the new design, Dave’s cartoon is presented on the top of the opinion page, with an option to enlarge the image for greater detail. Even more welcomed however, is the fact that you can also flick through the last 53 cartoons from the paper – including those done by Peter Shrank and Andy Davey.
It’s a similar solution to that of the Telegraph, although with a better and slightly more user friendly design.

Only the Guardian now has a better archive of their cartoonists’ work.

Sadly, as a result of the Indy redesign, Times Online now arguably has the least ‘exciting’ presentation of cartoons.

Initially, when Times Online was redesigned some time ago, there were a lot of very positive moves. Like the increase in very visible links to the cartoon page from several relevant parts of the site.The cartoon page itself shows the last week of cartoons, which in itself is not a bad idea (One week is all there is though, which is not great). It’s strange however that there is no option to enlarge the images, which means that the cartoons lose a lot of detail and often have virtually illegible text.

Another positive step at the time of the relaunch was the inclusion of slideshows with the cartoons of Jonathan PughMatthew Martin and Stephen Collins. Then incredibly, these were not regularly updated.

Small changes could make the world of difference.



One Response to “The Indy Improved…”

  1. Stephen Collins Says:

    ooh don’t get me started on this one… none of it’s big enough to be consistently legible on The Times site, and putting a strip up is just impossible. Hence some of mine dating back to 2004, which is hardly going to get readers coming back…

    I’ve been nagging for ages, but…aaaanyway…

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