I’m not much of a collector. I forget to categorize things.
Which means it ends up being just a pile of stuff.

Anyway. I’ve just come across a collection that I wish I had. Of political packs of playing cards. Some brilliant stuff in there.
From Kennedy Kards (1963) to V&A’s Playing Politics (1983) to more recent ones like the Sky News Politipack (2005) drawn by Matt ‘Hack’ Buck.
Click on the images to see more from most of the packs.

I actually once had one the packs in this collection. The one from the Lib Dem conference in 2003, which I bought while at the conference in Brighton to give me picture reference for drawings. Had I known that it was part of limited edition of 1000 I would’ve taken better care of it…I’m sure.

Tribune cartoonist Alex Hughes did an interesting project last year, in which he drew a card every week featuring someone who’d made headlines in the news – making it a fully illustrated pack. I haven’t heard what he intends to do with it now, but if you want to see the drawings, go to his blog here.


2 Responses to “Collecting…”

  1. Alex Hughes Says:

    Thanks, Morten, much appreciated. As to my plans for the pack, I had some interest in getting it printed, but it’s looking like it’ll be horribly expensive to get a small run done. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Please do!

    I can imagine that it’s pricey to get something like that printed
    It would be a great alternative portfolio/business card though, wouldn’t it!

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