Hotlinking and other exciting trouble spots…

There’s a thoroughly interesting spat going on over on Tim Ireland’s Bloggerheads, between himself and the Conservative blogger Guido Fawkes, over the latter’s repeated theft of artists material alleged tendency to use material without permission.

The latest run-in comes after Matt ‘Hack’ Buck, followed by Beau Bo D’or, revealed that Guido had been using cartoons they produced for Channel 4 online, on his site. Guido seems adamant that he has some sort of permission from Channel 4, although no concrete proof has been shown to prove that.

If Guido doesn’t have permission he should be forced to pay a fee.
If he does, Channel 4 must pay the cartoonists and apologise profusely – provided of course there’s not a contract stating that they own the full rights.

Tim Ireland is currently trying to contact Channel 4.
Look out for more developments on his blog.


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