Danish cartoons update…

I said I would write more about the recent developments, but for now I’ll just refer you to the comments left on my previous post on the subject.

Amrit Virdi posts a link to the Radio 4 Sunday program, which includes an interview with cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and a well put argument by the editor of Jyllands Posten, Flemming Rose. It’s really worth listening to – before it’s taken of the Listen Again menu.

Eleven Danish newspapers published Westergaard’s cartoon following the foiled plot to assassinate him. As did the Norwegian daily newspaper Agderposten, which I work for.
It’s entirely right of them to do so of course, to illustrate events and to demonstrate their commitment to freedom of expression. If only they and others had been equally firm in their convictions when the story raged a couple of years ago…

Alex Hughes mentions the BBC4 documentary Bloody Cartoons, which was shown a little while ago. He’s found the program on YouTube, so if you haven’t already seen it, go here.


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