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Olympic cartoon…

March 25, 2008

from today’s paper.

After subtly letting me know that I’m rubbish at updating my blog, Neil Hepburn very kindly just showed me how to link to an image on its own, rather than to the whole Times Cartoon page. Thought I’d give it a go.

Watch out for Neil’s upcoming cartoon on Channel 4 News online by the way – on the travels of the olympic flame. Very good.


You know you’re past it when…

March 19, 2008

…as the most powerful terrorist in the world, this seems like a worthwhile thing to be angry about. Gawd, the man must be bored wherever he is. 

Budget Day cartoons…

March 13, 2008

dull darling


Plenty of red box wielding Darlings in today’s papers.
With Peter Brookes doing no less than two Budget cartoons (on the front page as well as op-ed), there was no point in my doing a third of that kind for the Budget supplement, so I went for a stylistically rather different idea for my piece accompanying the sketch.

Peter’s front page works very well, summing up the essence of the budget with a plastic bag full of drink being presented by Darling as the red box. Simple but effective. That one is unfortunately not available online, but his op-ed cartoon is.
Those of you who watched BBC’s coverage of the glorious budget event might have noticed Peter’s contribution there too. A piece preceding the speech showed Evan Davies presenting his predictions for the budget surrounded by life-size cartoons.

The “rabbit out of a hat” metaphor invariably crops up in cartoons following the budget, and this year was no exception – despite the absence of any such rabbits. That in itself became a reason to use it I guess.
Dave Brown in the Indy rather beautifully shows the bear(market) ruining the Chancellor’s trick.
Guardian’s Steve Bell makes the Chancellor himself the somewhat pathetic rabbit.

Garland in the Telegraph turns to old sporting metaphors, and although the ball is confusingly large it’s undoubtedly a rather poignant description of the Brown/Darling double act.

Matt has no less than four pocket cartoons on the subject.

Paul Thomas in the Daily Express, picks up on the hilariously idiotic heckling from Ed Balls (see below).

Balls put-down…

March 12, 2008

Think what you like about David Cameron’s performance on issues, but the way he dealt with the heckling from Ed Balls during the Budget is worthy if not of your vote, at least some praise. There is probably no MP more annoying to listen to than Balls.
Cameron patronised him beautifully.

Thanks to Guido for putting the best bits on YouTube.

Budget Day…

March 12, 2008

Budget day is a day for drawing chancellors and red boxes – usually in front of number 11 if you’re really uninspired.
I was scribbling during the speech as always. The presentation was so extraordinarily dull that I drew more than normal, but because of the numbing effect of Darlings performance, the amount of ideas featuring the aforementioned scene was worrying…

These are just some of the Chancellor-in-front-of-door-with-box drawings I did during the speech:

Alistair Budget 1

Darling budget

brown and darling


The cartoon I did for the Times was rather different, thank goodness, but to see that you have to buy the paper in the morning.

Cartoon round-up…

March 11, 2008

It’s been a long while since I did one of these, but the work of our major cartoonists on this Tuesday merits one I reckon.

The build-up to tomorrow’s budget is apparent in cartoons as well. Probably better to do something before the actual event, as the presentation itself is likely to be so mind numbingly dull it might paralyze any creative thought for hours afterwards.

Steve Bell in the Guardian goes on the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the impact on the Chancellor’s budget.
A great image. Simple and powerful.

The Times’ Peter Brookes has also got a very strong cartoon of Alistair Darling, visually and journalistically, linking the Chancellor with the recent storms, and the troubled American financial markets.

And talking about storms and budgets, Paul Thomas in the Express combines them in a different way.
As does Matt in the Telegraph in fact, in usual amusing fashion.

Garland, on Telegraphs Op-ed pages, also does his bit to undermine the Chancellor before his big day.

One of the better ones in today’s papers, comes from the Indy’s Dave Brown, who is saving the Chancellor for tomorrow, and goes with yesterday’s announcement by John Hutton, that the Government continues to see coal as a key source of British energy in the years to come.

Well said on a Friday…

March 7, 2008

My agent sent the terrificly sharp, encouraging rant above, to me and the rest of the artists on his books.
It’s the writer Harlan Ellison saying what everyone should be saying.
If you’re in any creative profession you’ll chuckle knowingly and nod approvingly.

Happy Friday.

From the sketchbook: Winston…

March 7, 2008


Everyone else must have drawn him on some point or another, so I thought I’d join in. Part on my “Let’s draw politicians of the past while we’re watching Newsnight (or in this case This Week)” -series.