Cartoon round-up…

It’s been a long while since I did one of these, but the work of our major cartoonists on this Tuesday merits one I reckon.

The build-up to tomorrow’s budget is apparent in cartoons as well. Probably better to do something before the actual event, as the presentation itself is likely to be so mind numbingly dull it might paralyze any creative thought for hours afterwards.

Steve Bell in the Guardian goes on the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the impact on the Chancellor’s budget.
A great image. Simple and powerful.

The Times’ Peter Brookes has also got a very strong cartoon of Alistair Darling, visually and journalistically, linking the Chancellor with the recent storms, and the troubled American financial markets.

And talking about storms and budgets, Paul Thomas in the Express combines them in a different way.
As does Matt in the Telegraph in fact, in usual amusing fashion.

Garland, on Telegraphs Op-ed pages, also does his bit to undermine the Chancellor before his big day.

One of the better ones in today’s papers, comes from the Indy’s Dave Brown, who is saving the Chancellor for tomorrow, and goes with yesterday’s announcement by John Hutton, that the Government continues to see coal as a key source of British energy in the years to come.


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