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From the Sketchbook: Dithering…

July 30, 2008



Are they by any chance related?

July 30, 2008


(I think we should be told!)

Obama would probably say:

Miliband would say:
“I have said again and again that what matters is not relations, but issues and arguments. We must ask ourselves: Are we related? I believe we have a strong likeness that will take us forward into the future, and but what we mustn’t do is spend the summer being introspective, focusing endlessly on what that likeness is!”

The similarities are uncanny.
I did a cartoon today just testing how far I could take it, and the difference came down to the mouth, and one eye (plus slightly higher hair on Miliband)

When drawing the two of them together you can use the same head shape, ears and nose. Miliband has got mad eyes, so you’d have to make at least one of them reflect that.

Miliband’s mouth is out of this world. Everything is wonky. His upper lip doesn’t communicate with his bottom one, and the teeth are on a level of their own.

Apart from that though, the two potential leaders of Britain and America could actually be identical twins.

Wednesday Cartoon…

July 30, 2008

©morland/the times

From the Sketchbook…

July 30, 2008


The Saturday Cartoon…

July 25, 2008

©morland/The Times

From the Sketchbook: Obama visits Number 10…

July 25, 2008


A rough rough if ever I saw one…
I like the idea that there are oxygen masks in the ceiling all over Number 10, that drops down when things get rough.

Two very good cartoons…

July 25, 2008

…for different reasons.

Matt’s cartoon in the Daily Telegraph.


Martin Rowson’s cartoon in today’s Guardian.


Standard Cartoonist?!

July 22, 2008

At the moment of writing (post work in the early hours of the morning) I can only see the opening paragraphs of cartoonist Christian Adams’ first blog post on the redesigned Telegraph pages.
The “read more” function is not yet functioning, but we can just about make out a pretty excellent scoop in his opening post!

The Evening Standard is apparently thinking about getting political cartoons back in the paper!

The decision to banish the political cartoon in 2003 puzzled and angered people in cartooning circles. That a paper with such a rich cartoon history – the employer of some of the finest cartoonist the country has ever had – would drop the slot completely, was extraordinary, outrageous and worrying.

Now, if what Christian is writing is right, it seems that they’ve come to their senses.
The last line currently readable on the Telegraph blog is: “…spotted in their offices last week was a trial cartoonist, working…”

UPDATE: “.. ‘as live’ near the backbench. We keep our fingers firmly crossed, but our breath not held, that this is a return to the paper’s rich tradition of cartoons…”

Does anyone know who this trial cartoonist is?

An email-round to investigate further, sparked this glorious response from a fellow cartoonist:

A trial cartoonist? Christ, it sounds torturous. Who may this be? It must be a fairly toxic environment to work in – with Dominatrix Wadley scouring the cartoons for any evidence of
lily-livered pinko liberal intent.

Still, it’s heartening to think that someone considered that a political cartoon might help to right
a sinking ship.



The rumours of a cartoonist on trial at the Standard turned out to be unsubstantiated.
Adams has posted again, with the news that there were no news – which is bad news. The person spotted drawing in the newsroom were none other than Ken Pyne.
I wonder how my fellow PCO-er will like being described as a “trial cartoonist, working as live.”

Phil Jupitus’ Comic Love…

July 21, 2008

Just a note to anyone with an interest in comics and political cartooning.
There was a great program presented by Phil Jupitus on Radio 4 on Saturday, about satirical comic strips such as IF, Doonesbury, Alex etc.

Brilliantly interesting from a nerdy point of view – thought provoking from a cartoonist point of view.

Listen again online before it’s taken off iPlayer (in four days time).

Nick Anderson Animation…

July 21, 2008

In December 2006 I wrote about how Houston Chronicle’s Nick Anderson was venturing into 3D animation.

Well, Nick has now discovered the more intuitive qualities of 2D and Flash, and is producing animated gag cartoons with the help of animator Todd Ramsay. A wise move indeed, because compared to the 3D work the Flash animations look great, and have a entirely different pace and energy. The use of interactivity in some of the cartoons works very well too – such as in the torture cartoon from April 29.

Enjoy the work here.

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