Fun on a Friday…if you can find it!

It might just be me being useless, but I can’t seem to find Livedraw on Telegraph online today…again. They really are terrific at hiding regular content from regular readers at the Telegraph. It’s probably a ploy to make us trawl through the entire site in search for the one thing we’re actually interested in, but it’s hardly a clever way of encouraging people to return!

Anyway, all is not lost. It’s possible to see the latest installment of Livedraw on Blower’s own page, and I’d suggest you do:

Good fun!


One Response to “Fun on a Friday…if you can find it!”

  1. Lou Says:

    Stumbled over this looking for camoran pickys, trying me hand at anamation me self, but light years from being proper.
    Most peps say they have gone wonky from watching it bewear!!

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