Super coverage of the G8 gathering in the last couple of days.
World leaders reportedly discussed food shortage – then ate!

With most articles on Monday containing the lunch menu – sprinkled with every possible synonym of glut – politicians at G8 summit could be forgiven for thinking “Oh, come on…give us a break!”

But when presented with such a fabulous public relations foie gras faux pas, what journalists in their right mind would willingly appear sympathetic to diplomatic customs in favour of a good dig.

The leaders can’t win of course.
Imagine if one rejected the abundance on offer in favour of a packed lunch.

Gordon’s “Waste not, want not” speech was a gift. And one that will keep on giving, I’m sure.
A big portion of the obvious, with a hint of hectoring hypocrisy, followed by a generous helping of moralization – all of which left you with a dull aftertaste of depression that will repeat on you for days…

Much like the man himself really.

Cartoonists in papers and elsewhere are having fun with it all, in one way or another:

Steve Bell (Guardian)
Peter Brookes (The Times)
Dave Brown (Independent)
Garland (Telegraph)
Paul Thomas (Express)
Beau Bo D’Or (Channel 4 News)



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