Animation on a Wednesday: The Economic Cycle

I did a test animation a little while ago which probably shouldn’t be exposed the masses.
Still, it has some relevance to current events, so why not… I’m showing drawn roughs, so why not show an animated one – with a bit of music.

It has a lot of flaws, is awfully long and there is a lot of more or less important detail lost in You Tube translation, but never mind, eh?


4 Responses to “Animation on a Wednesday: The Economic Cycle”

  1. Alex Hughes Says:

    Rough, flaws… waddya talking about? That’s great! Love the retro-styling.

    More, Morton, More!

  2. hackartist Says:

    What alex said, Morten. Aren’t the Times paying for talent anymore?

  3. poldraw Says:

    You’re too kind folks!

    I’m getting there, but it’s going sooooo slowly.
    (Probably because I’m making 1 min 46 sec long cartoons!)

  4. chichi Says:

    The animation tempo works well with the music, it’s beautifully punctuated. Fab. Lovely art work too, I especially like the singular curl on your character’s head and wouldn’t mind owning his upgraded car. Did he fart before his final fall. I hope I heard correctly.

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