Politics & The City…

As someone who’s never managed to sit through an entire episode of Sex & The City (which I, just to prove my non-fan status, thought was called Sex In The City until very recently) I wasn’t overly excited at the idea of a website called Politics & The City.

June Sarpong’s widely plugged project, combining politics with gossip and fashion, has been heavily promoted as a girl’s own project.

The site is OK. The news bit is rather limited so far – borderline patronising I imagine if you’re of the feminist kind. The more interesting part of the site is probably the bit where June is using her connections to get celebrities to do blogs. It’s bound to be a success if extensive and exclusive enough.

The most exciting thing though, and the sole reason for me writing about this site in the first place, is a sentence in June’s opening blog post:

We also have a new animation starting called Sally Dunn Accidental MP, it’s a sardonic tale of a butterfingered journalist who accidentally becomes MP for a tough London borough while trying to balance her ill-fated love life. It’s a funny light-hearted animated comedy I think you’ll enjoy.

If that’s a good one, it ought to be very interesting. I can’t see it anywhere on the site at the moment, but will return again and again in high expectation until it appears.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Who’s behind it etc.?

Let us know!


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  1. Politics and the City…and a Dunn animation. « poldraw Says:

    […] I rarely slate the work of others on this blog, but I’m going to make a quick exception. I wrote rather too excitedly a few months ago about the prospect of an animation for Politics and the City, called Sally Dunn – accidental […]

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