Telegraph Cartooning…

Well placed and spectacularly obvious sources are telling me about a redesign in progress over at The new design will apparently include a dedicated cartoon page featuring not only published cartoons, but also blogs by some of the papers leading cartoonists, like Matthew ‘MATT’ Pritchett and Christian Adams.

Hopefully it will also mean that Patrick Blower’s weekly animated Livedraw is easier to find every Friday!

The launch is a week or so away.
Looking forward to it!


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7 Responses to “Telegraph Cartooning…”

  1. beau bo d'or Says:

    So The Times is further embarrassed as far as properly displaying its cartoons.
    With The Indy archiving its portfolio of work (and at a much improved size), it’s sad that The Times is unable to do the same – a pretty easy thing to set up.

    It could be even easier to set up a cartoon blog on comment central. Simple maintenance and uploading plus the added benefit of being able to refer to a corresponding archived news story.

  2. poldraw Says:

    yeah yeah yeah…

  3. Alex Hughes Says:

    I also notice the Grauniad has started publishing RSS feeds for all it’s cartoons and cartoonists…

  4. poldraw Says:

    forgive me if I sound 74…

    … what’s an RSS feed?

    What does it mean that they have started publishing those?
    I’ve never quite understood it.

  5. beau bo d'or Says:

    Alex has probably replied to you by now via email Morten but in case he hasn’t, you can add a website’s feed to a page you set up yourself and view in a browser.
    This page can be set up on software you have on your computer or through services provided by Google and other sites.
    You can add feeds from many sites and view posts on just one page, saving you from having to visit all the websites one by one.

    You can filter the posts so you only view new articles or download the posts for later reading offline.

    Your feed is here :

    Of course you may well be kidding that you don’t understand these things in which case I’ve just made a dick of myself.

  6. poldraw Says:

    No ol’ beau!
    I genuinely didn’t know!
    It’s one of those bit of web-terminology that I have just seen thousands of times without bothering to investigate further. Until now!
    So cheers.

  7. beau bo d'or Says:

    Cheers Morten,

    Setting up your own page of feeds is something I’ve only done recently.

    It saves an awful lot of time and allows you to focus on work.

    I’m sure you and your peers are much more disciplined than myself and minimise your web-browsing time.

    However, for me, the time saved is so substantial that it probably could be worthwhile for others.

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