The Wonders of JibJab…

The latest political song and dance animation from the JibJab brothers is superb.

With the web now overflowing with cheap copycat productions, JibJab could quite easily have drowned in their own success.
But not so.

The Election 2008 production still bears their unique style, but with a much sleeker finish.
The music and lyrics are excellent, and visually they have once again produced something innovative and fresh.

Their early more lo-fi work, like the insanely popular This Land (2004), probably felt a bit more edgy in its newness, bluntness and home-made looking…ness, but they make up for it in other ways as you will see.

On their website there’s also a very interesting production blog which follows the process from the early roughs and simple (but fascinating) animatics, to the finished product.

Well worth a long look.



One Response to “The Wonders of JibJab…”

  1. beau bo d'or Says:

    That is a bit special isn’t it.

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