A Satirist’s Dilemma…and much more Animation.

I didn’t get to look at or for animations on Friday, but caught up with the latest Livedraw today.
It’s very good!

There’s a funny one from Matt ‘Hack’ Buck on Channel 4 News Online too. Slightly short ending, but you just about get enough time to enjoy Tory villains in all their leotardic glory.

For other animation.

Mark Fiore. I might be a little late with this one, as it’s been out for a while, but it is terrific. So if you haven’t seen Politishop, please do.
Walt Handelsman has got a great new animation on the Presidential Olympics. Gag overload, but it somehow works incredibly well.

I don’t know if I’ve linked to this episode before, but if so who cares. It’s the sixth episode of World Leaders on First Post. Old now, but so good it’s worth watching again in anticipation of new stuff.

There’s an amusing non-political-self-loathing-Hipster-mock over on Current Super News.


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One Response to “A Satirist’s Dilemma…and much more Animation.”

  1. Adams Says:

    Politishop is fantastic. Witty, clever, and hilarious.

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