Are they by any chance related?


(I think we should be told!)

Obama would probably say:

Miliband would say:
“I have said again and again that what matters is not relations, but issues and arguments. We must ask ourselves: Are we related? I believe we have a strong likeness that will take us forward into the future, and but what we mustn’t do is spend the summer being introspective, focusing endlessly on what that likeness is!”

The similarities are uncanny.
I did a cartoon today just testing how far I could take it, and the difference came down to the mouth, and one eye (plus slightly higher hair on Miliband)

When drawing the two of them together you can use the same head shape, ears and nose. Miliband has got mad eyes, so you’d have to make at least one of them reflect that.

Miliband’s mouth is out of this world. Everything is wonky. His upper lip doesn’t communicate with his bottom one, and the teeth are on a level of their own.

Apart from that though, the two potential leaders of Britain and America could actually be identical twins.


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3 Responses to “Are they by any chance related?”

  1. K.J.L. Says:

    Many thanks! Now that gives me a great idea for a new caricature!

  2. poldraw Says:


  3. Cartoon Pick of the Week — Says:

    […] One:Morten Morland on David Miliband. Full cartoon in The TimesTwo:Grizelda on cutting CO2 emissions. Published in Private EyeThree:Paul Thomas on beach holidays. Published in The Express […]

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