Finally, from Tuesday’s paper: The DNClintons…

©mørland/the times

With Peter Brookes back in the office on Tuesday, my six-days-a-week summer stint is coming to an end. It’s back to normal for a week or two, before I take a couple of weeks holiday.

Normally July and August are the most difficult months of the year to do cartoons. However recession, prime ministerial troubles, olympics and conflicts, have meant that those of us working through this summer actually have had some news to work with! Makes a difference from desperately trying to squeeze jokes out of silly season exclusives.
And with the rain pouring down outside, it hasn’t even been too bad being in a studio for a month and a half!

Look out for Peter’s cartoon on Wednesday (all those weeks of frustratingly good material will have made him eager to return I imagine!). I’m back in the paper on Monday.


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