Good days!

Back from holiday in Australia – and back to reality.
And a pretty nice one at that.

The reason for my somewhat slow return to blogging is not super-prolonged jet lag or unwillingness to accept that the holiday is over, but the more exciting fact that I’ve been moving studio in between catching up with work.
I’ve moved upstairs no less.
To a brand spanking new loft extension.
One with double doors that opens onto fresh air, and tall windows next to them which during daytime seem to produce light all by themselves.

Today a man came and fitted blinds on them.
Not to keep the sun out of course, but to prevent me from looking like a strange performance art display in an illuminated box on top of a house, when the rest of the neighbours have turned their lights off at night, and I’m still hacking away at the drawing table.
I can now sit and work long into the evening while picking my nose and biting my toenails – if that is what I wish to do – in the safe notion that people aren’t camped in the windows opposite giggling with voyeuristic delight.

I shall work a lot up here.




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