Politics and the City…and a Dunn animation.

I rarely slate the work of others on this blog, but I’m going to make a quick exception.
I wrote rather too excitedly a few months ago about the prospect of an animation for Politics and the City, called Sally Dunn – accidental MP.

Well, I’ve just had look at the site and there’s now a trailer of sorts showing what it’s all about.
Extraordinarily disappointing. Borderline offensive if you’re a woman, I should imagine.
The writing is about as bold as beige and the production is so uninspired you feel like shaking someone. Which is surprising considering that it’s written, produced and animated by Skaramoosh, the company behind the far superior World Leaders, on The First Post, and other high quality work.

The blurb on Skaramoosh’s website states:

The series have been written, produced and animated by cross platform production agency Skaramoosh London and aim to make political issues more accessible.

Skaramoosh and Sarpong have agreed a revenue-share deal for advertising across the site.

Daniel Slight, MD of Skaramoosh, said the market was experiencing high demand for short-form programming. “We’ve taken our broadcast production values and made two shows using the values and experience that we’ve brought to broadcast TV for years,” he said.

I can not in my wildest imagination even contemplate that the market ever demanded this.


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