US election cartoons the day after…

…but drawn the day before.
Always an interesting situation that, the day before an election when you need to do something about the election, but can’t risk predicting the outcome.

The Times’ Peter Brookes has perhaps the most obvious example. Mentioning both Obama and McCain – but in a way that would work whatever the result.

Garland in the Telegraph on the other hand, focuses on the end of the Bush regime – as do the rest in the major papers.

Steve Bell in the Guardian – characteristically surreal.

My personal favourite though, is Dave Brown’s Bush cartoon in the Indy. Very funny, and a brutally frustrating reminder that it’s not over quite yet.


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2 Responses to “US election cartoons the day after…”

  1. US election cartoons drawn the day after… « poldraw Says:

    […] election cartoons drawn the day after… Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty in doing cartoons for the day after the election, before the result is known. Well, with an Obama win, doing the cartoon the cartoon the day after […]

  2. Pratish Says:

    Check out this post election cartoon on wonkie – it’s Obama’s initiation ceremony .. lol –

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