US election cartoons drawn the day after…

Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty in doing cartoons for the day after the election, before the result is known.
Well, with an Obama win, doing the cartoon the cartoon the day after that, is not necessarily very easy either. Just imagine the fun everyone would’ve had with a McCain/Palin victory. Instead democrat-leaning cartoonists have to face spending the majority of their time trying to avoid drawing a soft focus celebration of their own excitement. American papers are full of those today.

In the British papers there’s a hint of it, but it’s not as bad as it might have been.
The fluffiest idea with the most adoring caricature probably comes from Paul Thomas in the Express. “Politically correct nonsense” as he most certainly would describe it himself, but it does the job in summing up the mood of the day.

Peter Brookes pokes fun at the messianic aura of the chosen one.
Peter has also written an interesting article in the paper’s Obama supplement, on the challenge of satirizing someone you rather support – and the reassuring inevitability that the president is bound to mess it up.

Dave Brown draws a reference to Lincoln and Steve Bell goes for basketball.

Garland on the other hand, takes an entirely different, very surprising approach.
A white man being freed from the slavery of white guilt, which given the flavour of celebrations around the world is a novel thing to pick up on to say the least.

It’s worth watching the work of American cartoonists today though.
And in the weeks and months to come. After eight years of Bush, many will wake up from the euphoria of change, and feel utterly deprived.
Of material that is.


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2 Responses to “US election cartoons drawn the day after…”

  1. Adams Says:

    Cartoonists need a baddie. Bush was always a gift. Blair turned into a gift. It’s a shame that we’re waiting for something to go wrong, so we can get moaning. Bit sad really, but that’s the nature of our job. (PS. Yes, the US cartoons have been pretty dreadful over the last year. Oliphant’s caricature – if you could call his Obama as noble and handsome a caricature – have been particularly toe curling.)

  2. patrick blower Says:

    Paul Thomas ugly, toe-curling YUK!

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