Cartoon Art Trust Awards…

Along with cartoonists, newspaper folk, politicians and specially invited rich people, I dressed up in my supposedly finest clothes for the Cartoon Art Trust awards dinner/fund raiser in the Mall galleries last night.

It’s always an enjoyable evening, and last night was no exception.
There were some surprising award winners, as is usual, and some highly deserving ones.
Raymond Briggs most deservedly received the Lifetime Achievement Award – which was respectfully presented by Steve Bell.
Unlike last year’s winner, Ralph Steadman, who accepted the award with a song of seemingly infinite length, Briggs gave an amusing speech about how the life expectancy of cartoonists (65 according to his calculations) drove him to accept the award this year – despite the fact that he is still very much adding to his achievements. If his calculations are correct, the very fact that he has managed to reach the age of 74, should merit an award on its own!
He is currently working on a book about old age and death, so the subject is clearly occupying his mind – and many others’ after that.

For us on the Times table it was particularly great to see the exceptionally talented Stephen Collins receive the award for best strip. Surely a big hint to the paper that the strip must return immediately after the supplement in which is was published was pulled recently.

The Telegraph’s Nicholas Garland won the Saatchi Political Award.

The usually entertaining auction struggled to create the bidding extravaganza of previous ones, as the moneybags failed to forget about current financial gloom. You don’t expect to see people walking away with bargains from a fund raising auction like that, but a couple most certainly did.

All in all a good night was had by most.
The black tie has been put neatly back in a drawer, ready for next year.

For more on the awards, as well as a more complete list of the winners, go to The Drawing Room Blog and read Christian Adams’ account of the night.


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3 Responses to “Cartoon Art Trust Awards…”

  1. ramjam Says:

    Well done to Collins – I love those pieces.

    So anyways… it is ironic that I am trawling the times site every day with an eye out for new Morland and Brookes pieces and then I accidentally spot a TES in the staffroom with your work in there. I also recently saw something with a year’s worth of highlights from the same paper. SERIOUS REQUEST: is there any chance of you sticking your TES stuff on here as well?

  2. Royston Robertson Says:

    Morten, there’s also a report at The Bloghorn, with a complete list of all winners:

  3. The 14th Cartoon Art Trust Awards — Says:

    […] Morten Morland has a first person report here as does Christian Adams of the Telegraph has his take on the events here too and Down the Tubes […]

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