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As 2008 slowly fades out…

December 31, 2008

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From the Sketchbook: Women Bishops…

December 30, 2008


Obama and the Middle East…

December 30, 2008


From Monday’s Paper: Gaza…

December 29, 2008

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Last Christmas…

December 27, 2008

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December 26, 2008

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Beautiful Brown Cartoon…

December 20, 2008

Dave Brown that is.
And his Van Gogh pastiche.


December 20, 2008

Patrick Blower has just released his 2008 – year in Livedraw review!
It features some of Patrick’s best Livedraw cartoons from the last year.
Apart from being an exciting insight into the technical future of political and gag cartooning, it shows the quality and originality of Patrick Blower’s work.

Along with the good news of a new installment of Livedraw however, comes the bad news that the Telegraph might be discontinuing it in the new year.
I don’t know who’s in charge of ridiculous decisions at the Telegraph at the moment, but he or she sure is busy wrecking what used a perfectly decent publication!
The only feasible reason why anyone would stop this truly innovative move forward in the world of political cartooning, would be an economic one – blaming the harsh current climate (as I doubt very much anyone would put their hand up and admit to utter idiocy.) But even that doesn’t hold water, as the little add preceding every cartoon most certainly pays for the cartoon itself.
It seems that instead of having new and exciting political satire (and decent journalists), the Daily Telegraph would rather spend their money on online sections like “Celebrity sightings” – completely nonsensical pictures of celebrities getting in and out of cars.
That obviously is the focus of Daily Telegraph 2009.

Livedraw will fare much better. Mark my words.

A Blog Stats Moment…

December 17, 2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one who in moments of active blogging enjoys peeking at the stats once or twice a day.
Over the last few months however, the numbers have changed so little that my enthusiasm for the popularity chart has all but disappeared.

Then suddenly…

Washington Post’s Dan Froomkin puts a small link to one of my cartoons in his column, and all of a sudden traffic in this direction jumps by almost 2000%.
The excitement! The thrill!
Suddenly I have the second fastest growing blog on WordPress! I have responsibilities! A duty towards thousands! To inform and entertain on a stage I’m not yet familiar with!
My initial response is that I should be writing something – posting something for everyone who’s taken the time to visit! Maybe have a poll?! They’re fun.
But instead I’m just checking blog stats every 7 minutes! Paralyzed. In awe of the fact that a single referrer can provide as many readers in minutes as I normally get in a day! I stay up late to witness the moment it peaks at midnight. Oh joy!

Then it stops.
Gradually, but with enough force to send me crashing into the slump of normality.

The freakish alp in the middle of my stats landscape looks like a lone beat from an otherwise barely trembling heart.
At this moment in time I’m probably the fastest diminishing blog on WordPress.

A Shoe-in!

December 16, 2008

I love this.
The biggest newspaper in Norway, Verden’s Gang (VG) covers Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq.
There’s some serious reporting. Facts and descriptions, as you would expect.
Oh, and yes – a game! Courtesy of the graphics department!

“Throw a shoe at Bush!” (Or to give it its actual name “Throw shoe!”)
“The hapless Iraqi reporter didn’t find the target – can you?!”

Isn’t news coverage in 2008 just brilliant!?
Read all about it – then recreate events in our News simulator!
You can picture the coverage of the next Mumbai style terror attack.
“They killed 170. How many can you murder in 48 hours? Use the arrows to control, shoot with space.”

For those of you whose Norwegian isn’t up to par, let me say that “vinkel” means “angle.”
“Styrke” is “Power.”
“Kast skoen” means “Throw the Shoe!”

May I recommend angle 10 and full power?