From Monday’s paper: Bush’s Farewell…

©morland/the times

This cartoon didn’t have any shoes in it when I initially filed it, but news of the shoe-hurling incident broke just before first edition of the paper went to print, so I managed to draw some on, with only minutes to spare.


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3 Responses to “From Monday’s paper: Bush’s Farewell…”

  1. adonis49 Says:

    A pair of shoes thrown at Bush Junior does not compensate for over 1,250,000 civilian dead, but it is better than nothing so far. Only a serious International tribunal for war crime can restrain further foolishness.

  2. omar | blog: shoes Says:

    […] to the Bush-shoe incident with the Iraqi Journalist (or shall I say, Shoeist), to Caricatures (cartoon 1, cartoon 2, cartoon 3, cartoon 4, cartoon 5, more cartoons) to blog posts and even a whole Blog!But […]

  3. Jeech Says:

    Wow great… Morten!!

    Let me share some imaginations:

    -Obama, neck to toe, in the mountain of shoes…
    -Shower of shoes dribing upon Obama…
    -Pakistani drones are “bombarding” shoes on Obama…
    -Afghanis are “striking” shoes on Obama from Afghanistan…

    Yes, you know the next version of shoes are going to be thrown by Afghanis and Pakis…

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