A Shoe-in!

I love this.
The biggest newspaper in Norway, Verden’s Gang (VG) covers Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq.
There’s some serious reporting. Facts and descriptions, as you would expect.
Oh, and yes – a game! Courtesy of the graphics department!

“Throw a shoe at Bush!” (Or to give it its actual name “Throw shoe!”)
“The hapless Iraqi reporter didn’t find the target – can you?!”

Isn’t news coverage in 2008 just brilliant!?
Read all about it – then recreate events in our News simulator!
You can picture the coverage of the next Mumbai style terror attack.
“They killed 170. How many can you murder in 48 hours? Use the arrows to control, shoot with space.”

For those of you whose Norwegian isn’t up to par, let me say that “vinkel” means “angle.”
“Styrke” is “Power.”
“Kast skoen” means “Throw the Shoe!”

May I recommend angle 10 and full power?


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One Response to “A Shoe-in!”

  1. andeeroo Says:

    Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


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