Patrick Blower has just released his 2008 – year in Livedraw review!
It features some of Patrick’s best Livedraw cartoons from the last year.
Apart from being an exciting insight into the technical future of political and gag cartooning, it shows the quality and originality of Patrick Blower’s work.

Along with the good news of a new installment of Livedraw however, comes the bad news that the Telegraph might be discontinuing it in the new year.
I don’t know who’s in charge of ridiculous decisions at the Telegraph at the moment, but he or she sure is busy wrecking what used a perfectly decent publication!
The only feasible reason why anyone would stop this truly innovative move forward in the world of political cartooning, would be an economic one – blaming the harsh current climate (as I doubt very much anyone would put their hand up and admit to utter idiocy.) But even that doesn’t hold water, as the little add preceding every cartoon most certainly pays for the cartoon itself.
It seems that instead of having new and exciting political satire (and decent journalists), the Daily Telegraph would rather spend their money on online sections like “Celebrity sightings” – completely nonsensical pictures of celebrities getting in and out of cars.
That obviously is the focus of Daily Telegraph 2009.

Livedraw will fare much better. Mark my words.


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2 Responses to “Alivedraw…”

  1. Livedraw - now even more live.. « poldraw Says:

    […] – now even more live.. By Morten After moving from the weirdness that is the Telegraph, the Patrick Blower’s Livedraw has found a new home on the Guardian’s Comment is Free. […]

  2. danny Says:

    good site

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