From Monday’s Paper: Gaza…

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6 Responses to “From Monday’s Paper: Gaza…”

  1. commentor Says:

    Hello. I can’t help but notice the grunts on the palestinian side are firing what appears to be US made weaponry. While this may seem like a little detail to most, I think your comic may be misinterpreted. Some could interpret it as US funds the conflict on both side.

    All that sounds very far fetched and narrowed to some specific knowledge about certain weapons; but i believe that not knowing this little, but important, detail may undermine your credibility regarding the whole situation in the middle east.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Hehe, that’s superbly nerdy!

    Of course, if you had known anything about the weapons used by Palestinian groups, you would have appreciated that I had drawn a rough representation of a Russian-made RPG-27, rather than the more commonly used RPG-7, simply because of the visual impact. The RPG-27 and indeed the 29 – are however widely used by both Hezbollah and Hamas, so why you think I was drawing US weaponry I do not know. I can only assume you mistook the RPG for a US Army Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW), but as you obviously see yourself as a weapons buff, I can’t believe you’d make such an elementary mistake.

    Furthermore, what you were looking at was a ‘cartoon’ – not a ‘comic.’ This may sound far fetched and narrowed to some specific knowledge of certain journalistic discipline, but I believe that not knowing this little, but important detail may undermine your credibility regarding the whole “commenting on peoples’ work”-situation.

  3. commentor Says:

    Indeed your points are valid. However, the RPG-27 is literaly a clone of the US-made SMAW, in look and mechanism. Since this is a ‘cartoon’, would it have been better to throw away the ambiguousity and draw a much more caricatural RPG?

    Furthermore, I am merely a weapon amateur and indeed, my journalistic troll-fu is still weak and I am ashamed to have underestimated you. I will now go indulge in violence against small woodland creatures to recover my fledging self-esteem.

  4. beau bo d'or Says:

    I hate to draw your attention to another glaring error in your comic.
    The hues and strata of the rockfaces in your ‘gulf’ are much more typical of Scandinavian formations, specifically those of the Hardangerfjord which was created as glacial melting occurred about 10,000 years ago.
    Your comic therefore incorrectly suggests the gulf was formed by glacial erosion rather than the slow drifting apart of the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates followed by the widely acknowledged reversal of this action which happened about 20 million years ago.

    This, of course, is based on the premise that you refer to the Persian Gulf’ and not any old gulf. However, my analysis still holds water (as does the Persian Gulf, though I see not a drop of it in your comic) if you are making reference to any gulf on a similar latitude.

    You should also be aware that the Hamas skydiving team was disbanded 3 years ago.

    Happy New Year when it comes Morten.

  5. commentor Says:

    A very fine analysis indeed, beau bo d’or! However, it occured that you made a very outrageous error; what you are referring to is actually a ‘cartoon’, an entirely different caste of artistic work. As I shamefully learned in a most recent past, it is an unpardonable offense to mistake one for another.

    Also, while I would like to subscribe to your theory, it seem that it is based on the premise that the earth is more than 6000 years old; I can only conclude that your argument is a bare assertion fallacy.

  6. poldraw Says:

    Excellent stuff people.

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