Timely re-post: Economic Cycle Animation…


I posted this clip in july last year. The gloomy ending seems to have become a reality.


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2 Responses to “Timely re-post: Economic Cycle Animation…”

  1. saamvisual Says:


    here’s a handful of short films we have made recently:

    Woolies closing:

    Blind sport:

    Sikh Chaplain at Heathrow:

    I mainly make them with my students in mind, but they get wider play on youtube. How do you feel about doing a similar style short interview about your work?

    Basically I am not interested in ripping people off (as hopefully these pieces demonstrate) but getting an empathetic view of what they do in their world.

    Jason Ramasami

  2. Stephen Collins Says:


    That is absolutely amazing! How long did it take? Can’t believe I’ve not seen it before.

    Hope you’re having a good 09 Morten, and Christmas was good


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