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2 Responses to “Obamauguration…”

  1. CJ Says:

    Mr. Morland,

    Your Obama cartoon which has the statue of Lincoln looking outward is frankly ridiculous. Many of us here in America have other issues to deal with other than to feign interest in yet another politician. I realize that you and the rest of the self ascribed literati have a man crush on the President elect, but I assure you, he is just like the rest of us and I am sure will disaapoint sooner if not later. Grow up.

  2. poldraw Says:

    I’m sure you’re right CJ.
    So should you probably, given that you spend time leaving comments like that on peoples’ blogs.

    The cartoon was meant to satirize the very thing you criticize me for, but I obviously failed to communicate that.

    I do like how you use “the self-ascribed literati” as a term of abuse…
    Brilliantly quasi-clever.
    Why is being educated and interested in literature something people should be mocked for? What’s the difference between self-ascribed literati and other forms of literati?
    And how do you know I’m one of them, whoever they are?


    Good luck in dealing with all your issues.

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