The Sun takes a shine to Andy Davey…

As Christian Adams mentions in his post about bitchy cartoonists (link in post below), there aren’t that many political cartooning jobs around. Even less if you want to be in one of the nationals.
So every time there’s a new signing, it’s big news/gossip in cartooning circles.

The latest to land a major job, is fellow PCOer, and all-round talented nice guy, Andy Davey – who’s become Political Cartoonist for the Sun.
So while most cartoonists are busy in their struggle merely to survive the recession carnage, Andy (or That Bastard as he’s now affectionately known) picks up one of the biggest jobs to come up in a very long while.

Truly well deserved!
An inspired choice by the powerful in Wapping.


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6 Responses to “The Sun takes a shine to Andy Davey…”

  1. New job created in newspaper cartooning — Says:

    […] all about it here via Morten Morland of The […]

  2. Andy Davey Says:

    Morten – you are too kind. The usual tenner is on its way.

  3. Pete Dredge Says:

    A shining light…

    Have you got Dave Gaskill’s number,Andy?

  4. Andy Davey Says:

    Actually, I ought to make it clear that they haven’t “hired” me – I’m still free lance. They’re simply using my stuff regularly.

  5. Morten Says:

    Aren’t we all?
    No really…
    Are there any cartoonists on full staff contract?

  6. Adams Says:

    No contract here! (What’s happened to the talented Tom Johnson?)

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