From the Sketchbook: Gordo…



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One Response to “From the Sketchbook: Gordo…”

  1. beau bo d'or Says:

    Nice one Morten.
    You’ve caught the fatigue and exasperation (of him and us of him) very nicely.

    As for your probs with your ISP as mentioned a few posts down:

    If you still have a BT phoneline, you might want to consider investing in a second broadband connection and keeping Virgin cable.

    I did this as just a couple of days minus a connection cost me a week’s pay.

    I added Be Un limited – twice as fast (using actual figures) as my Virgin connection for the same price. So far, not too many problems.
    If you enquire by phone, they also give you an estimated speed specific to your location rather than the headline figures they advertise.

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