Livedraw – now even more live..

After moving from the weirdness that is the Telegraph, the Patrick Blower’s Livedraw has found a new home on the Guardian’s Comment is Free.
Patricks work has been up there for a few weeks now, and it’s well worth looking out for at the end of every week!

Last week saw a change from previous Livedraws, in that Patrick seemingly has gone back to the ol’ speeded-up-film-technique, rather than the computer recording his Wacom work.
Although the “lo-tech” cartoon arguably loses some of the animated feel, it gains a more immediate rawness, which suits Patrick’s cartoons. The painted work looks better, and seeing the cartoonist actually doing the work, somehow enhances the finished product, in my opinion.

See his latest cartoon for the Guardian here, and for another one from this week as well as more from the archive, visit the Livedraw page here.


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One Response to “Livedraw – now even more live..”

  1. Adams Says:

    I agree. I prefer it live “live”.

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